SD-WAN network Engineer

SD-WAN technology implementation varies from vendor to vendor, but a primary feature of SD-WAN is that it lets customers create a single network infrastructure that includes many connection types, such as multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), broadband, or wireless LTE. Customers can take advantage of this technology to rely less on expensive, private MPLS connections and use cheaper, public connections for less sensitive data. SD-WAN technology also lets businesses switch transports, the cable or wireless infrastructure connecting the branch office and data centers,and mix and match them based on bandwidth availability, and quickly and easily spin up new connections to remote locations.
SD-WAN benefits businesses by removing expensive routing hardware and instead provisioning connectivity and services from the cloud. It also has the benefit of increased flexibility, allowing businesses to scale connectivity up and down for peak-and-valley demand. SD-WAN technology, therefore, can improve a business's connectivity between branch locations, the main office, and the cloud. This flexibility also means that businesses can avoid over provisioning, further lowering overall WAN expenses.

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